About us



I’m Robyn, an experienced and qualified second generation medical herbalist.
Finch and Wren was created when I retired from clinical practice.  

As a practioner, I learned early in my career that the people who were prepared to take the time and space to nurture their bodies and minds were the ones that had the best health outcomes.

My life-long passion for simple, effective healthcare spurred me to create a range of simple, effective products. 

I want to help you understand how important self-care and nurturing are to your overall health and wellbeing.

Organic therapeutic teas, body and skincare products, herbal balms and essential oil rollers all made and packaged by me, by hand with love and care so you can take some time to give yourself the support to be the best that you can be.

All my products are vegan and palm oil free. 


 I make easy to use products that cut all the crap.

No added anything.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me with any questions.