About us

Robyn Grant.

A penchant for simple pleasures -beautiful healthy skin, a fine cup of tea and a warm bath – inspired the business.

My range of herbal teas, soaps, skincare and body products have been developed and manufactured in Gippsland from locally wild harvested, Australian and imported ingredients.

I am a qualified herbalist and have sourced the cleanest, greenest and most sustainable materials to bring a superior freshness to the entire collection.

Soaps without palm oil or animal fats, cruelty free natural skincare and essential oils throughout means your little indulgences won’t cost the earth.

Simply Beautiful.

Essential oils offer therapeutic benefits which are not found in synthetic fragrance oils.

DO NOT use palm oil or SLS in my soaps.

Palm oil is cheap to buy, but the cost to the planet is extensive.

Entire ecosystems are razed, displacing and destroying forest communities. In the last twenty years, more than 50,000 orangutans have died as a direct result of deforestation for palm oil production in Borneo and Sumatra.

The oils in my soaps – olive, rice bran, castor, sweet almond, apricot and coconut – won’t cost the earth and are nourishing for your skin.