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Magnesium butters


Magnesium butter is a great alternative to magnesium oil spray.  Our non greasy formula rapidly absorbs into the skin leaving your skin soft and moisturised.

Can be used for increasing magnesium stores and for cramping, body pain and sleep issues.

Rest is ideal for the very young and the sensitive, great for low level pain, sleeping issues and chronic or acute cramping (including menstrual and pregnancy cramps).

Muscle is beneficial for stronger pain, sports injuries and chronic pain conditions, with the added infusion of traditional  pain and anti inflamatory herbs it works well to reduce pain levels quickly and can be applied as often as necessary or used for massage.

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Diections for use:  apply a pea sized amount of magnesium butter to the  area and massage well.

Can be used as often as needed.

For sleep issues in children apply to the soles of the feet, for adults, the shoulders, chest or inner thighs work well.

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Muscle & Joints, Sleep & Cramps


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